Art work detail
Rachel at the Well
Composite resin with patina
140 x 80 x 190 cm

Rachel at The Well is part of a trilogy focusing on the union of three biblical matriarchs who meet their counterparts at the well. As the source of water in the desert, wells had a practical use, but in story-telling a well could be a symbol of the feminine and of women's power to produce and nurture life. Much of my work elevates the women of the Bible who, instead of occupying supporting roles, become the focal points of my sculptures. In this piece, a young Rachel approaches the well with her flock. There she will meet Jacob who, enraptured by her beauty lifts the cap-stone to the well that normally requires many men’s strength. This is an ode to my wife who inspired me to find the strength to persevere through a decade of classical training in Saint Petersburg, Russia in the sculpture department of the Repin Academy.